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SIZE: Other (cookie sandwiches)

Give traditional sandwich cookies a run for their money with these adorable petite-wiches!

1. Prepare your favorite cookies or use pre-made. TIP: cookies no larger than 1.5” in diameter will be easier to both handle and eat. Let cool if applicable.

2. Create colorful toppers by melting white chocolate or chocolate melts, and piping free-form flower shapes onto parchment paper. TIP: don’t use a metal tip in the bag, as its coolness will stiffen the chocolate too quickly.

3. Before the flower chocolate sets up, sprinkle each generously with Multi-Color Non-Pareils. TIP: Pipe no more than 7-10 flowers at a time, so the non-pareils are sure to stick.

4. When cookies have cooled, ice half of the cookies with liquid or solid fondant, or royal icing. Shown is dipping icing colored with Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Red Red, Sunset Orange, Lemon Yellow, Neon Brite Green and Deep Pink.

5. Place the other half of the cookies face down. Fill with your choice of icing (preferably a light color), and then place an iced cookie, face up, on top of each.

6. Roll edges of filler icing in non-pareils, as shown.

7. Attach one non-pareil chocolate flower to the top of each, with a dab of icing.

8. Pipe a center stamen in a corresponding color, or if using solid fondant, simply roll balls for the centers.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz