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SIZE: Mini Cupcakes

1. Prepare the decorations: apply Designer Prints® to fondant with a light application of water, and then cut out as many leaf shapes as you require.

2. Pre-cut some circles (to fit the tops of some of the cupcakes, as shown) of Designer Prints® while they are still on the backing sheet. 

3. Use the black FooDoodler pen to outline some of the Dec-Ons® as well as the leaves.

4. Ice the cupcakes. Use a star tip for some, and the open end of a coupler for the cupcakes to be dressed with Edible Image® decorations.

5. Apply the pre-cut Designer Prints® circles to the coupler-iced cupcakes. TIP: Use a smooth surface, such as a clean bottle lid or a fondant smoother, to gently press the circles into the icing. Immediately dip the edges of the icing in sanding sugars in coordinating colors.

6. Attach Dec-Ons® and fondant leaves to cupcakes.

Decorating idea by New York Cupcakes