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SIZE: Other (cake balls)

You’d be wise to treat your grad to a delicious bite, featuring Lucks Dec-Ons® decorations!

1. Mix cake scraps with about ¼ parts buttercream in a bowl and chill; acquire candy sticks (available at most craft stores), white dipping chocolate or white chocolate candy melts, and melts in your desired school color, or commercially available chocolate colorants to add to the white melts. Have a piece of Styrofoam ready to accept pops as they’re completed.

2. When chilled, fashion mix into balls, until you have the desired number of pieces.

3. Melt a small amount of white chocolate or white candy melt on the stove top or in a microwave; dip a candy stick in a bit of chocolate and insert into one cake ball about halfway—the melted chocolate will help the cake ball stick fast to the stick. Repeat this step until all cake balls are fitted with sticks. Chill thoroughly for easy handling.

4. When all your pops have been assembled, melt enough white chocolate to fill a small or medium bowl at least halfway. Dip each pop into the melted chocolate to cover; let drips fall from the pop by tapping the stick on the bowl rim to remove excess. Let pops set.

5. When you are ready to decorate, fill a small parchment triangle with colored melted chocolate and cut a small opening for piping. It’s best not to use a metal tip to pipe, as the chocolate will set up and plug the tip within just a few moments. Pipe a quick drizzle across the front of each pop and let set.

6. To attach the Grad Owl Charms Dec-Ons® decorations, either affix by nesting in the drizzle before it sets up, or allow drizzle to set and attach with a dab of melted chocolate.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz