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SIZE: 8” and 6” rounds
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate

Refined yet striking, this tiered cake is a sure winner for Independence Day!

1.    Mix a small batch each of red and blue fondant using Lucks Liquid Airbrush Colors in Red (Item #10166) and Blue (Item #10158).

2.    Mix a small batch each of red and blue icing using these same colors.

3.    Roll out some white fondant and cut three 2” circles, then one 1.5” circle, using scalloped circle cutters. Set aside to dry.

4.    Roll out red fondant and cut a 1.5” scalloped circle; repeat with blue fondant. Set all fondant discs aside to dry.

5.    Remove a strip of Patriotic Designer Prints™ (Item #45249) from its backing and fold lengthwise 2/3 over (this will be slightly off center, approximately ¼”). TIP: This should be done with fresh Designer Prints™ or prints that have been kept sealed in their mylar bags. This technique is not recommended if prints have become dry or brittle.

6.    Pipe rings of icing around the perimeter of each 2” white fondant disc.

7.    After folding the first print lengthwise, begin to “scrunch fold” the print into a circular formation, much like folding fan pleats. TIP: Be sure that the full-color side is face-up, not the side revealing the print’s back.

8.    Place the resulting Designer Prints™ pleated circle on one of the 2” fondant discs, gently pressing to secure to the icing. Repeat with two more Designer Prints™ decorations. Set aside.

9.    Assemble and ice the tiers in white icing.

10.    Pipe a beaded border in white at the base of each tier using a #8 plain round tube (Item #11031); continue piping the same border slightly in from the edge of the top of the cake.

11.    Overpipe red scallops over all borders using a #3 plain round tube (Item #11022).

12.    Overpipe blue scallops over all borders using a #3 round tip.

13.    Attach pleated circles to the sides of the cake with icing, as shown.

14.    Attach one 1.5” scalloped fondant disc to the center of each pleated circle. Attach one Stars Dec-Ons® decoration (Item #14247) to each 1.5” circle, as shown, with icing.

15.    Finish by piping blue and white dots around the perimeter of each 1.5” disc.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz