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SIZE: 10”, 8”, 7” and 6” stacked cake
SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/Advanced

Celebrate 2010’s Pantone Color of the Year—turquoise!—with this lovely stylized peacock cake.

1. At least one day ahead, prepare the peacock’s body and purple tail feather medallions. Model the body using your preferred technique, using a base of Styrofoam or cereal treats or using solid fondant or modeling chocolate.

2. Cut four short pieces of green floral wire and attach a fondant teardrop shape to one end of each with a scant amount of water or corn syrup. Poke the plain end of each wire into the top of the peacock’s head, as shown (each wire should have its own hole). When the body has dried to some extent, coat completely with Lucks Turquoise Shimmer Color™ (Item #46008). Tip: apply color in a few coats, allowing it to dry between applications. Let body dry completely.

3. For the tail feather medallions, roll out fondant and cut between 20-25 small circles. Cut a narrow wedge from each with an X-acto knife. Coat all circles with Lucks Purple Shimmer Airbrush Color (Item #45103) and allow to dry.

4. Mix a good amount of turquoise icing by mixing two parts Lucks Blue Airbrush Color (Item #10158) to one part Lucks Green Airbrush Color (Item #10162) in a white icing base. Assemble and ice the cake with turquoise icing.

5. Using a #8 plain round tube (Item #12756) and turquoise icing, pipe a beaded border around the base of each tier.

6. After icing the cake, use a paintbrush to loosely scribe where you would like the full tail feather train to fall down the sides of the entire cake. This will guide the placement of tail feathers, and will also relieve you from having to pipe decorative scrolling around the entirety of each tier.

7. When you have planned the tail placement, use a #4 plain round tube (Item #11026) and turquoise icing to pipe decorative side detailing, avoiding the tail area.

8. Take three sheets of the paisley and two of the floral pattern from the Aqua Paisley Tall Variety Designer Prints™ set (Item #45060) and spray lightly with a coat of Turquoise Shimmer Color. Let dry for 5-10 minutes.

9. Roll out some fondant and apply dry, pre-shimmered Designer Prints™ with a light mist of water. Take care to avoid puddles.

10. Cut between 16-20 tail feathers in the floral pattern and 22-27 feathers in the paisley pattern. This can be done by hand or with a leaf or paisley cutter, approximately 3” tall. Cut out a few smaller feathers (about 1” tall) to have on hand, should you find and gaps which might need to be filled.

11. Starting from the base, apply 8-10 floral feathers up each scribed lines to outline the tail. The feathers should overlap top to bottom and should come all the way up over the top of the cake. This is where it will eventually meet with the body of the peacock.

12. Again starting from the base, fill in the tail with the paisley feathers (save two for the bird’s wings). The feathers should overlap side to side and top to bottom. Fill in any gaps with the extra small feathers.

13. When all the paisley feathers have been applied, attach one purple medallion to the wide part of each with a small dab of icing.

14. Carefully align the body of the peacock with the tail feathers on the top of the cake, and attach with a dab of icing.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz