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This cake is 12” x 10” x 8” x 6” tiered cake.  Bake your layers in beveled pans or trim your layers to get the beveled shape. 

1. Ice each tier lightly with buttercream and enrobe each tier with white fondant then stack.

2. Pipe pearl borders using a #10 Plain Round Tube evenly.  Suggestion:  stop squeezing completely before moving on to next “pearl” to avoid peaks in icing.  

3. Then pipe 5 rows of pearl dots spaced as shown using a #4 Plain Round Tube.  Again stop squeezing before pulling away from cake and if you find peaks in your pearls go back with a wet brush and tap them down to round off your pearls. 

4. Airbrush a variety of sizes of White Royal Icing Roses and White Leaves Dec-Ons® decorations with Lucks Pearl Shimmer Airbrush Color and allow them to dry.  Create a bouquet on the top tier. 

5. Then airbrush the entire cake with Pearl Shimmer Airbrush Color.  For best results apply 2 light coats instead of one thick coat of pearl shimmer.  This cake can also be finished with buttercream only instead of fondant icing and still have the pearl finish.

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk