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SIZE: 10” round

Guests will “spot” the dots on this trendy delight from any corner of the room!

1. Prepare your Pinkalicious Designer Prints™ decorations by trimming away the white ends with either a Ribbon Insertion Tool with the pointed blade or an X-ACTO type knife. A 10” cake will take 3 strips.

2. Return the Designer Prints™ strips to the silver bag, reseal, and set aside for later use.

3. Mix a dusty pink icing using very small amounts of Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors Red/Red and Buckeye Brown in a white icing base.

4. Ice the cake with white icing.

5. Apply the Designer Prints™ strips, leaving about ½” to a ¼” between each strip.

6. Fit three pastry bags with a plastic coupler; fill one with fudge icing, chocolate icing, or chocolate ganache, one with the dusty pink icing, and one with white icing.

7. Using the opening of the couplers with no tips, pipe dots in a variety of sizes and colors as shown; placing one #4 plain round tube on each coupler, pipe small stylized flowers atop each dot (brown on white, white on pink and pink on brown).

8. Pipe message in pink with the #4 tip.

9. With chocolate icing and a #8 plain round tube, pipe a stripe along each juncture of the Designer Prints™ design as well as the bottom border.

10. With white icing and a #2B large basket weave tip, pipe a top border.

Decorating Idea by Charra Jarosz