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This cake is a 10” x 8” x 6” tiered cake.  The tiers are 4 inches high. 

  1. Prepare your fondant by coloring some of it bright pink and the rest a lighter pink.  After you have colored it, set it aside. 
  2. Next, prepare your Pinkalicious Designer Prints™ decorations (Item #43815) by trimming away the white ends of the dots patterns strips. You can use a Ribbon Insertion Tool (Item #11752) with the pointed blade or an X-ACTO type knife. 
  3. Be sure to return the Designer Prints™ sheets to the silver bag and reseal.  Set them aside for later use.
  4. Ice the cake with buttercream. 
  5. Apply the Designer Prints™ sheets starting with the top tier.  Apply the strips as high on the tier as you can. 
  6. Next, roll out bright pink fondant.  Use a 12” round template and an 8” round template. 
  7. Cut the 12” round circle. 
  8. Next, center the 8” template on the 12” template and cut out the center.  Use your ribbon insertion tool to cut wavy shapes.  Be sure not to cut more than 1” from the edge so your strip will cover the top of the 10” tier and still drape over the top. 
    After that, cut an opening in the circle and wrap it around the top of the 10” tier.  Smooth out your fondant where it meets. 
  9. Now, repeat this with white fondant using a 10” template and a 6” template.  Place it around the top of the 8” tier.  After you do that, cut an 8” circle. Also, cut the wavy edges and apply them both to the top tier. 
  10. Roll out white fondant and cut into strips 1- ¾” high. 
    Wrap these around the bottom of each tier. 
    Next, roll out ropes of fondant for the bottom and top tiers, and wrap the ropes around each tier. 
  11. Use a fudge icing, chocolate icing, or chocolate ganache to pipe the bottom of the 8” tier in chocolate, using a #18 star tube (Item #11073) 
  12. This cake can also be done completely in fondant.  In that case, enrobe each tier and add the  Designer Prints™ sheets. You’ll have to slightly moisten the fondant with plain water. 
  13. Finally, add the top wavy pieces and stack your tiers.

 Now you have a cake that is truly Pinkalicious.

Decorating Idea by Kasia Wilk