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SIZE: 6” round

Red Shimmer Ribbons™ decorations can add eye-catching flair to your holiday fare!

1.    Mix batches of icing using Lucks Red Airbrush Color to create three shades: red, dark pink and light pink.

2.     Ice the cake in light pink icing.

3.    With red icing in a #8 plain round tube, pipe a beaded bottom border.

4.    With dark pink icing in a #16 star tube, pipe another bottom border atop the first border.
5.    With light pink icing in a #104 petal tube, pipe a final bottom border layered over the first two.

6.    While still on the paper backing, cut one Red Shimmer Ribbons™ decoration into two parts, approximately 1/3:2/3. Cut another approximately 1/4:3/4.

7.    Remove the largest strip of Shimmer Ribbons™ from the backing and gently fold as you would a paper fan; apply toward the bottom of the cake, as shown. Repeat with successively smaller strips, slightly overlapping each layer as you move upward.

8.    Attach one red star from the Red and Gold Shimmer Stars Dec-Ons® decorations at the top of the tree.

9.    Pipe a small tree pot at the base of the tree, using red icing in a #3 Plain Round Tube.

10.    Sprinkle a few White Shimmer Candy Pearls around the tree as embellishment.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz