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SIZE: Other (cupcakes)

Lucks donates a portion of proceeds from the sale of Pink Ribbon Dec-Ons® decorations to breast cancer research.

1. Ice the cupcakes using icing colored with Pink Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10165).

 2. Tint fondant pink using a drop of Lucks Ribbon Pink Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45291).

3. Roll out pink fondant and cut circles sized to wrap over the edges of the tops of the cupcakes.

4. Place one fondant disc on each cupcake and pat it down over the edges to completely cover the frosting.

5. Use a small diamond shaped cutter and impress the diamond shapes side by side into the fondant, traveling over the sides until the whole top is covered.

6. Push a pink pearl into the fondant where each line intersects. Tip: dab a little piping gel onto the pearl first to keep it from popping off the cupcake.

7. Attach Pink Ribbon Dec-Ons® decorations (Item #45154) to cupcakes with a dab of icing.

Decorating Idea by Sandy McNicol