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SIZE: Other (cookies)

Raise awareness with these light-hearted purse cookies!

1. Make your favorite cut-out cookie recipe and cut purse shapes using a specialty cutter.

2. Mix pink royal icing using Lucks Pink Premium Airbrush Color.

3. Apply a variety of black and white Designer Prints® decorations to white fondant using a small misting of water to adhere. Shown here are the striped pattern (applied sideways) from the Classic Dots and Stripes Tall Variety, the Houndstooth Black and the Safari Zebra  strips. Quantities required will be dictated by your desired cookie count; each purse will use approximately ¼ of a Designer Prints® strip.

4. Use your cookie cutter to cut purse shapes from the fondant with Designer Prints® decorations affixed to them. TIP: Designer Prints® decorations only need to cover the purse, not the strap. Cut off the fondant top dome/strap section with a knife after using the cookie cutter.

5. Pipe white royal icing or melted white chocolate onto the strap section’s negative space, as shown, using a pastry bag with no tip. Press tacky icing or chocolate into White Sanding Sugar and let set.

6. Use a #4 plain round tube to pipe outlines and a strap using pink royal icing.

7. Finish with Pink Ribbon Dec-Ons® decorations.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz