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SIZE: 4”, 6” and 8” square tiers, tapered
SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/Advanced

1.    Mix celadon fondant using three parts Lucks Forest Green Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45275) to one part Sky Blue Liqua-Gel (Item #45276).

2.    Mix light pink fondant with a scant amount of Super Red Liqua-Gel (Item #45284).

3.    Roll out small sections of the celadon fondant into 3/16” ropes to create tendrils and leaves. TIP: Using an extruder will assist in achieving consistency and speed in this process.

4.    For the leaves, cut 6 sections between 3”-7” in length to create different sizes of leaves; taper both ends, then join tapered ends with a small dab of water.

5.    For the leaf veins and tendrils, cut appropriate rope lengths and taper one end. Attach one leaf vein to each leaf with water, and add curves to the tendrils. Allow to dry overnight at the very least. TIP: Laying fondant decorations on foam will speed the drying process, as the foam will allow air circulation around each piece.

6.    For the flowers, use the pink fondant to roll three teardrop shapes in graduated sizes.

7.    Roll out some pink fondant, and attach three or four pink strips from the Polka Dot Variety Designer Prints™ decorations (Item #45835) to the fondant using a light mist of water. Take care to smooth out any water puddles that may form with a food-safe paintbrush.

8.    Cut a series of small teardrop petals from the polka dot fondant.

9.    Attach three small petals, rounded end up, pattern facing out and slightly overlapping, to the fondant teardrops with a small amount of water. This will be the bud of the flower.

10.    Attach a full row of small petals, rounded end up, pattern facing *in* and slightly overlapping, to the bud  using a small amount of water.

11.    Produce and attach rows with successively larger petals. The small flower should have the fewest rows of petals, and the largest should have the most.

12.    Cover each tier with fondant. Attach a ½” fondant band around the base of each tier, then assemble.

13.    Attach tendrils and leaves to the cake using royal icing tinted in the same manner as the celadon fondant.

14.    Attach each flower with a small toothpick, and reinforce with royal icing.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz