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SIZE: 10", 8" and 6"round
SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/Difficult

Your guests will be amazed when you tell them your picture frame topper is completely edible.

1. Make your picture frame hours before the cake so that it will be firm when you prop it up on the cake. To make the picture frame you will use 3 cutters from the Plain Round Cutter Set.

2. Cut a 4 1/2" circle out of Ivory fondant.

3. Mix enough navy blue fondant for the picture frame and monogram decorations as shown. For this use a 6:1 ratio of Royal Blue, and Coal Black Liqua-Gel Colors.

4. Cut a 4" circle out of the navy blue fondant and Affix it to the center of the Ivory circle.

5. With the 3" cutter, cut through the center of the two circles to make a picture frame. With a small paint brush, paint the ivory part on the inside rim of the frame, with Blue Liquid Airbrush Color.

6.  To make for knots as shown, find a web site that shows you how to tie different boating knots. To make a knot, roll out a 1/8" coil of Ivory Vanilla Fondant. Tip: If your coil is too thick, your knot will be too big to fit on the frame. Work fast so that the coil does not dry and crack before you are able to finish tying a knot.

7. When you have accomplished 4 different knots, attach each one to the frame with a small amount of water.

8. Using Print on Demand and Lucks Print-Ons® Sheets, print a 3” round image for your cake topper. On the Lucks website, under Tips and Tricks in the Resource center, you can find Print On Demand information and templates.

9. Roll out White Vanilla Fondant and Cut a 4" circle. Mount your Image onto the middle of the moistened fondant circle. Attach the mounted image to the back of the picture frame with a little water, making sure to keep your image centered in the viewing window.

10. Ice and assemble your cake. Apply the Nautical Stripes Designer Prints™ around each tier.

11. To start your monogram, roll out your navy blue fondant and cut out a 2” circle. Attach the circle to the front of the 8" tier as shown, with a little icing.

12. Use a small amount of Ivory icing and a #3 tip and pipe two interlocking initials on the blue medallion.

13. Make a twisted rope out of two long coils of Ivory Vanilla fondant as shown. Wrap the rope around the base of the bottom tier.

14. You may need to refer to a boating knot tutorial again for this step.  Roll a 1/4" coil of Ivory Vanilla Fondant approximately 33" long. Again, you will need to work very fast so the coil does not dry and crack before you are able to finish tying a knot. Once you achieve the knot you want to keep, wrap the knotted rope around the base of the 8" cake, centering the knot directly above the monogrammed circle.

15. Finally, poke two white cake pop sticks into the top tier of your cake in the shape of a v, and leaning back a little. Set your picture frame up and flush against the sticks. If desired, you can attach the frame to the sticks with a few small moistened balls of fondant for stability.

Decorating Idea by Sandy McNicol