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SIZE: Other (cake jars and cereal treats)


1. Mix a batch of lime green icing.

2. To make rainbow batter cake jars, prepare your preferred white batter cake, separate portions and add gel colors before baking. 

3. Gently swirl red and yellow batters together, then blue and violet together, to create a marbling effect.

4. Bake, cut out with a round cutter, and insert one piece into each jar.

5. Pipe a layer of green icing using a #807 tip, then insert the second layer of cake. 

6. Pipe dollops of white icing on desserts using a #827 tip.

7. Arrange one shamrock decoration on each dessert.

8. To make cereal treats, fashion them using your favorite method, and cut into squares with a knife.

9. Attach one rainbow decoration to each using a dab of icing.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz