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SIZE: 5” two-layer and 4” one-layer round tiered



Elegance doesn’t have to mean monochromatic!


1. Create a unique flower by cutting 11 Red Vanilla fondant (Item #15400) discs using the smallest cutter from the Plain Round Cutter set (Item #9784), and cutting 6 discs using the next size up. Attach 5 small discs to one Shimmer Powder Blue Bubble Gum ball (Item #15743) using a very light application of water or piping gel. Overlap petals and curl down top edges. Attach 6 small discs to the first course of petals in the same manner, and then attach 6 medium small discs to the second course of petals. Set aside.

2. Mix light blue icing using Lucks Sky Blue Liqua-Gel (Item #45276) in a white icing base.

3. Ice the bottom tier and apply Rainbow Zig Zag Designer Prints™ (Item #47089) around the sides of the cake.

4. Ice the second tier and then stack the tiers.

5. Finish with three courses of Shimmer Powder Blue Candy Pearls (Item #15748) around the base of the bottom tier. 


Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz