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SIZE: 1/2 Sheet cake with 10" x1" round
SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/Difficult

Show your musical genius he/she is worthy of rockstar fame with this gold record cake.

1. Mix a batch of yellow fondant using White Vanilla Fondant tinted with Neon Brite Yellow Liqua-Gel Color.

2. Ice a 10" x 1" cake layer on a 10" cake board and Enrobe with the yellow fondant.

3. Immediately after covering the cake, while the fondant is still soft, use a 4" decorating comb (Item #672) to comb lines on the surface of the record. Do this by holding the comb extremely steady in one hand, while making one full turn of your turntable with the other hand. If you are right handed, you will start your turn with your left arm crossing over your right a bit, and ending it with your left arm under your right. Hold your comb tilted towards you so the lines are shallow and the comb doesn't dig into the cake. Also, be sure your cake is centered on the turntable so your lines are not crooked.

4. Airbrush the surface of your record using Classic Gold Shimmer Airbrush Color. Use a sideways spray to bring out the line texture. Tip: Two light coats of spray give a more even look than one heavy one.

5. Trim the white edge off of the Rock Star Birthday Edible Image®. Brush a light coat of water in the center of your record the size of your Edible Image® decorations. Apply your image to the center of your record.

6. Using a #4 tip and black icing made with Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color, pipe a beaded border around your Edible Image® decoration. Now set your record aside while you build the rest of your cake.

7. Assemble and ice a 1/2 sheet cake.

8. Create a marbling effect on the whole surface of the cake as shown using Lucks Liquid Airbrush Colors Black, Brown, Yellow, and Egg Shade.

9. Use a Pastry Wheel to cut a 2 1/2" x 5 1/2" rectangle out of white fondant and spray it with Silver Shimmer Airbrush Color. Cut a 2" x 5" yellow fondant rectangle and spray it with Classic Gold Shimmer Airbrush Color.

10. Affix the Gold plaque to the top of the silver plaque with a little bit of water.

11. Press and flatten four small balls of fondant. Press lines in the middle of each one and spray with Silver Shimmer Airbrush Color. Attach one to each corner of the gold plaque with a little water.

12. Place your gold record cake on the 1/2 sheet cake as shown.

13. Using a #8 tip and black icing made with Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color, pipe a beaded border around the base of your record.

14. Set your plaque piece on the 1/2 sheet, centered below the record as shown.

15. Write your inscription on the plaque with a #1 tip and Coal Black Liqua-Gel. Use an Old English type face found on the internet as a reference.

16. Using Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color and a #5 tip, stripe a bag with black icing, then fill it up with grey icing. Using the wings on the Edible Image® for a reference, pipe wings on either side of the plaque as shown, starting with the outside feathers. Finish the wings by piping a white outline as shown with a #4 tip.

17. Finish your 1/2 sheet cake by piping a simple line bottom border with chocolate icing and a #10 tip.

Decorating Idea by Sandy McNicol