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1. Use Lucks White Royal Icing Roses Variety Pack (Item #41642). Airbrush a variety of sizes with a variety of Lucks Shimmer Airbrush Colors. Use Purple Shimmer (Item #45103), Lavender Shimmer (Item #43729), Pink Shimmer (Item #43707) and Blue Shimmer (Item #43708).

2. Allow the roses to dry.

3. Pipe some white buttercream onto cupcakes using a #9S open star tube (Item #11052).

4. Airbrush with Lucks Pearl Shimmer Airbrush Color (Item #43706).

5. Mix a pale green icing using Lucks Green Airbrush Color (Item #10162) and pipe some leaves onto your cupcakes using a #352 leaf tube (Item #10999).

6. Add shimmered roses as shown. Pipe more leaves as desired.

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk