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SIZE: Other (dipped sandwich cookies)

1.     Cut pieces of transfer sheet to fit the base of each cavity, using scissors or a craft punch.

2.     Place transfer rounds textured side up in the cavities of your candy mold.

3.     Melt chocolate.

4.     Fill the Molds with chocolate and then turn the mold upside down so only the outer edge is coated in chocolate. Let the chocolate set up. 

5.     Fill the chocolates with desired filling and then using a parchment cone with melted chocolate, fill the remainder of the mold. TIP: tap the mold on the counter to release any unwanted air bubbles. 

6.     Let set, and then remove chocolate from the mold.

7.     Remove acetate from cookies before serving and attach the Small Rosette Assortment Royal Icing to the chocolate with a dab of chocolate or icing. 

Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee 

Transfer artwork © 2016 Gartner Studios, Inc.