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SIZE: Other (cupcakes)

Directional Small Eyes Royal Icing Decorations give oodles of expression to all your creepy critters!

1.    Mix the following batches of icing.
Lime Green: three parts Lucks Yellow Airbrush Color to one part Green Airbrush Color
Orange: Lucks Orange Airbrush Color
Black: Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color
Purple: Lucks Lavender Airbrush Color
Yellow: Yellow Airbrush Color
Gold: Lucks Egg Shade Airbrush Color
Light Turquoise: three parts Lucks Blue Airbrush Color to one part Green Airbrush Color
Brown: Lucks Buckeye Brown Liqua-Gel Color Tip: fudge or chocolate icing can replace colored icing.

2.    Mix a batch of light turquoise fondant and a batch of brown fondant using the same colors and formulae above; chocolate fondant can also be used in lieu of brown colored fondant.

3.    Ice all cupcakes smoothly using an untipped Delrin Coupler with background colors as shown; a small spatula or piece of cake collar will work well to smooth the tops.

4.    Follow instructions below for each style.

WITCH: Apply and smooth lime green icing. With a #3 plain round tube and orange icing, pipe hair strands. With a #8 plain round tube and black icing, pipe hat brim then hat peak. With a #8 tip and purple icing, pipe hat band. Apply Small Eyes Royal Icing Decorations to face. With a #3 tip and black icing, pipe a mouth. If desired, use pink quins from Large Pastel Quins as cheeks.

PUMPKIN: Apply and smooth orange icing. With a #3 tip and black icing, pipe striations, and with a #8 tip and black icing, pipe the mouth. Apply Small Eyes and confetti cheeks. With a #18 star tip and brown or chocolate icing, pipe a stem. With a #3 tip and lime green icing, pipe tendrils.

SKULL: Apply and smooth white icing. With a #8 tip and black icing, pipe two dots where the eyes will be; apply Small Eyes. With a #3 tip and black icing, pipe nose, mouth and cheekbones. Airbrush small cheeks with Lucks Pink Airbrush Color.

OWL: Apply and smooth gold icing. Roll out light turquoise fondant and cut a circle to the size of the gold icing mound. Create the head and wing cloak as shown by either cutting freehand with a Ribbon Insertion Tool with the pointed blade or an X-acto type knife, using a specialty cutter such as a heart shape, or using the wide end of an icing tip. Apply this cloak to the gold icing. Apply Small Eyes and airbrush cheeks with pink. With a #18 star tip and light turquoise icing, accentuate feather pattern. With a #3 tip and yellow icing, add beak and claws.

BAT: Apply and smooth brown, chocolate or fudge icing. Roll out brown or chocolate fondant and cut ear and wing shapes using similar techniques/tools as noted in the owl instructions. Apply wings and ears to icing. Apply Small Eyes. With a  #3 tip and white icing, pipe mouth and fangs. Add confetti cheeks.

Decorating ideas by Charra Jarosz