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SIZE: Other (cookies)


1. Make cutout cookies using Comfort Grip™ Mitten Cutter.

2. Be sure to bake some right hand and left hand cookies, based on the way you place them on baking sheet.

3. These cookies are iced using a run sugar method.

4. To make icing for this run sugar method, make a batch of royal icing. Thin it down with warm water. To test for correct consistency, drop thinned-down royal icing from your spatula back into the royal icing that is in the bowl. If the drop disappears by the count of 10, the royal icing is of the correct consistency.

5. Use Lucks Super Red Liqua-Gel Color, Lucks Leaf Green Liqua-Gel, Lucks Blue Liquid Airbrush Color, and Lucks Green Liquid Airbrush Color to color the icings.

6. Use a #2 plain round tube or use a #3 plain round tube to pipe outlines using your regular consistency royal icing, then fill in with your thinned down icing.

7. After your icing has hardened, attach any of a variety of Christmas Dec-Ons® decorations with a small dab of regular royal icing: Mittens Dec-Ons® decorations, Snowman Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations, Snowflake Dec-Ons® decorations, Holly Dec-Ons® decorations, Snowflakes Asst Dec-Ons® decorations that have been airbrushed with Lucks Blue Shimmer Airbrush Color.

These are great plated or added to a holiday cookie gift bouquet.

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk