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SIZE: Other (cookies)


For Back To School or Teacher Appreciation celebrations, these adorable cookies will charm.

1. Make your favorite cut-out cookie recipe and use a fancy specialty cutter to cut shapes; in lieu of a fancy cutter, a large square cutter from the Square 2 Sided Cutter Set may be used.

2. These cookies are iced using the run sugar method. To make icing for this method, mix a batch of royal icing and set aside 1/3 of the regular recipe. Take the remaining 2/3 and thin it down with warm water. To test for correct consistency, drop thinned royal icing from your spatula into the royal icing in the bowl. If the drop disappears by the count of 10, the royal icing has reached correct consistency.

3. Setting aside some white run icing, use Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Sunset Orange, Sky Blue and Neon Brite Green to color the remaining icing. Separate the blue icing into two batches, and mix one half with white run icing to lighten, and mix the other with a scant amount of neon green icing to create a slightly turquoise tone. Use Super Red and Coal Black to tint a portion of the regular recipe.

4. Use a #3 plain round tip to pipe white square outlines as shown. When the outlines have dried slightly, fill in illustrated designs with #3 tips. For frame dots, paper lines and paper doll chain, pipe all patterns while the background is still wet, so that the images settle flush. Allow to dry completely.

5. After your icing has set up, pipe all letters using regular royal icing and finish with School Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz