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This lighthearted snow fellow will add mirth to any holiday gathering!

1.    The body of the snowman can be made in at least two ways: either bake the body in a ball pan and the head in a mini ball pan (both available from Wilton), or stack and trim four 6” rounds for the body and three 3 5/8” rounds, cut from sheet cake, using the largest round cutter in a set, for the head.

2.    Ice and smooth the body first; cut three dowels or drinking straws to its height, and insert in the body approximately 1.5” from each other. Cut a small round from a food-grade cardboard, and place atop the dowels on the cake.

3.    If you are sculpting your head from sheet, do so before applying to the body. When it is ready, dab some icing on the top of the small cardboard round, and set head on this round. At this point, dowel the body from head to toe—through the cardboard—with a skewer (the point of the skewer is needed to pierce the cardboard; insert point downward).

4.    Ice and smooth the head in place.

5.    Apply two Aqua Blue Shimmer Ribbons™ (Item #45560) around the waist as a belt.

6.    Color four shades of icing: Lucks Sunset Orange Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45302), Lucks Sky Blue Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45276), Lucks Violet Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45278) with a few drops of Lucks Royal Blue Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45277) and Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45290).

7.    Using a basket weave tip (Item #11036) with violet icing, pipe a scarf around the neck as shown; with a #4 plain round tube (Item #11026) and sky blue icing, pipe scarf stripes and fringe. 

8.    Fit a pastry bag with a standard coupler (Item #11024) and fill with black icing; use a #5 plain round tube (Item #11027) to pipe buttons, eyes and mouth; with a #8 plain round tip (Item #11031) pipe nose in orange, and with a #2 plain round tip (Item #11041), pipe three white “reflection” dots in each eye.

9.    Remove the tip from your black icing bag and pipe a large mound upon the snowman’s head; replace the #5 tip, and pipe three or four circles around the hat mound to look like a hat rim. Add one Holly Dec-Ons® decoration (Item #14303) to the hat.

10.    Finish the face with two sprayed dots of Lucks Pink Shimmer Airbrush Color (Item #43707) for cheeks.

11.    With chocolate, fudge or ganache icing and a #5 tip, pipe belt buckle and stick arms; apply a pair of mittens from the Mitten Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations (Item #41953) at the end of the arms.

12.    With black icing and a #2 tip, pipe a tangled string threaded through both mittens, then finish with a handful of the Christmas Lights Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations (Item #41198) placed along the string.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz