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SIZE: 8” round with molded sugar skull
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate

1. At least three days ahead, create the sugar skull according to mold manufacturer’s instructions, or according to instructions found on the internet. Allow both pieces to dry overnight.

2. Unmold each half of the skull and assemble using royal icing. Allow royal icing to dry overnight.

3. Decorate the skull as shown, using the embellishments outlined, or have fun designing your own! The possibilities are endless. TIP: Use royal icing, tinted and piped with a #2 tip, to create scrolling and floral accents. Attach Dec-Ons® using royal icing as well. Allow décor to dry.

4. Mix golden yellow icing using gel color, and ice the cake. 

5. Apply designer strips around the sides of the cake.

6. Mix batches of blue and orange icing, and pipe a double ruffled bottom border using these colors in a #104 tip.

7. Pipe the top double ruffle border using golden yellow icing in a #104 tip.

8. Insert a couple of straws or dowels into the cake where you will place the skull, as it will be slightly weighty and will need support.

9. Arrange roses and skull on the top of the cake.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz