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SIZE: 2-layer 4” and 3-layer 8” round tiers

Create a sweet baby mobile cake using simple piping techniques and Lucks Edible Image® Embellishments.

1.    Mix light blue icing using a few drops of Lucks Blue Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10158) in a white icing base.

2.    Ice the tiers with light blue icing.

3.    Demarcate 8 evenly distributed points around the top edge of the bottom layer. These marks will later be covered by bows.

4.    Assemble the cake.

5.    Roll out fondant and apply the “baby” plaque as well as eight medallions from Snuggle Bugs Embellishments Edible Image® decorations (Item #46546) with a light mist of water, being careful to avoid puddles.

6.    Use the fluted edge of a pastry wheel (Item #7032) to cut medallions from fondant; to cut round medallions, use an appropriately-sized fluted circle cutter.

7.    Attach the “baby” plaque to the front of the top tier.

8.    Attach eight medallions around the sides of the bottom tier, using the demarcation marks as a guide to evenly arrange them.

9.    Use white icing in a #12 plain round tube (Item #10988) to pipe two concentric circles on the top of the cake.

10.    Use white icing in a #5 plain round tube (Item #11027) to pipe four evenly-spaced cross bars from the inside of the outer circle to the outside of the inner circle, as shown. This will create the look of the structure from which the mobile hangs.

11.    Use white icing in a #2 plain round tube (Item #11041) to pipe small strings rising from the top of each medallion, over the edge of the bottom tier, to the base of the top tier.

12.    Continue these small string lines up the sides of the top tier, over the edge and to the outer edge of the outer circle.

13.    Use white icing in a #12 tip to pipe two puffs of icing, one on top of the other.

14.    Attach blue gumpaste blossoms from the Mini Blossom Assortment (Item #46703) around the middle of the stacked icing puffs.

15.    Attach one blue gumpaste daisy at the bottom of each mobile medallion.

16.    Use a #5 tip to pipe simple white bows on the edge of the bottom tier, along the string lines.

17.    With a #5 plain round tube and light blue icing, apply a beaded border to the base of each tier.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz