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SIZE: Other (cookie sandwiches)

A perfect complement to any patriotic holiday BBQ or table, these star sandwich cookies will fit the occasion!

1. Prepare your favorite cookies using a star-shaped cutter, or use pre-made. Let cool if applicable.

2. Mix red and blue fondant using Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Royal Blue and Super Red, mixed into dipping fondant or into White Vanilla Fondant.

3. When cookies have cooled, ice half of the cookies with dipping or sheet fondant, or royal icing.  TIP: if using sheet fondant to cover the cookies, use the same cookie cutter you used to cut the dough.

4. Attach one Large Patriotic Stars Dec-Ons® decoration to the top of each iced cookie with a dab of icing.

5. Place the uniced half of the cookies face down. Fill with your choice of icing using a #5 plain round tube, and then place an iced cookie on top of each.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz