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SIZE: Other (dessert cups)

Use Mary Ann dessert cups as a delicious way to say top o’ the morning, afternoon or evening!

1.    Ice the sides of the dessert cups with a Plastic Decorating tip (Item #7277), using white icing for the white cups, and chocolate icing for the chocolate cups.

2.    Roll the sides of the white iced cups in Rainbow Sprinkles (Item #9470) and the chocolate iced cups in a blend of Green (Item #9472) and Medium Chocolate (Item #9469) Sprinkles.

3.    Pipe a dollop of fudge in the hollow of the chocolate cups, using a #809 large round tip, and a bed of fluffy white icing clouds in the hollow of the white cups, using a #12 round tip (Item #10988).

4.    Finish with Primary Rainbow (Item #41206) and Shamrock Charms (Item #13021) Dec-Ons® decorations on the white cups, and Happy Face Clover Dec-Ons® decorations (Item #46482) on the chocolate.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz