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Catch a taste of the sweet waves on these summer surf cupcakes!

1.  Make three shades of blue icing as shown, using Blue Liquid Airbrush Color.

2.  Using the lightest blue and a #809 tip, pipe a half circle on each cupcake intended for dolphins.

3.  Using the darkest blue and a #809 tip, pipe two large tear drop shapes as shown, making sure to follow the curves of the cupcake edge.

4. Place two Dolphins Dec-Ons® decorations on each cupcake as shown.

5.  For the surfboard scene, use the medium blue icing and a #809 tip and first cover the surface of the cupcake with one circular swirl. Next pipe a large tear drop shape on top as shown.

6. With white icing and a #3 tip, pipe squiggly lines as shown along the round edge of the teardrop as shown.

7.  Finish by propping up a Surf Board Dec-Ons® decorations on top of each wave as shown.

Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol