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SIZE: 10” round

Cupcakes on a plate can represent any number of fans for a personalized cake.

1. Mix light pink icing with a scant amount of Lucks Pink Premium Airbrush Color in a white icing base, then ice the cake.

2. Use pink icing and a #5 tip to pipe a bottom beaded border, and top scalloped border.

3. Make a small amount of blue fondant with a scant amount of Lucks Blue Liquid Airbrush Colors.

4. Fashion a plate out of the blue fondant as shown and place it on the cake.

5. Place the desired amount of the Happy Face Cupcake Dec-Ons® decorations on the fondant plate, propped up with icing.

6. Make a batch of red icing using Red Red Premium Gel Color.

7. Use a #8 tip and red icing to pipe red cherries around the side of the cake as shown.

8.  Pipe stems on the cherries with a #2 tip and green icing made with Spring Green Premium Gel Color. 

9.  Place a leaf at the end of each cherry stem from the Leaves Dec-On® decorations.

10.  Finish by writing an inscription with red icing and a #4 tip.

Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol