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SIZE: 6” two-layer, 7” single-layer, 8” single-layer, 7” single-layer and 6” four-layer rounds
SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/advanced

1.    At least two days ahead, prepare the fantasy flower. First, roll out White Vanilla Fondant (Item #46755) and cut a disc approximately 3 ½” in diameter. This can be allowed to dry either curved (as on a 6” Styrofoam dummy) or flat and will be the base of your flower. A curved disc will conform to the curve in your 6” round cake.

2.    Thinly roll out some fondant and use Plain Oval Cutters to cut 20-25 medium/large ovals. Curl edges into center to create cone petal and set aside to dry.

3.    Repeat this series of steps with two successively smaller oval cutters, creating at least 30 medium/small petals and 20 small petals in the same style. Let dry.

4.    When the disc and petals are dry, use royal icing to attach the first (outermost) ring of petals. Use the largest petal size and allow them to overlay the disc’s edge by about ¾”. Repeat the next two rings with successively smaller petals, leaving the center of the circle empty. Let the royal icing dry.

5.    Extrude or roll fondant rope, tapered at one end to create the 6 tendrils, approximately 1/8” thick. Let dry.

6.    The next day, spray all pieces using Lucks Gold Shimmer Airbrush Color (Item #43542). Allow to dry between thin coats.

7.    The following day, mix deep tangerine fondant using a 3:1 ratio of Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Orange (Item #45302) and Super Red (Item #45284).

8.    Crumb coat each tier and chill. Cut fondant panels sized to wrap around the sides of each tier. Cover each tier and trim edges.

9.    Cut a fondant disc sized to the top of the cake, and cap the cake.

10.    Stack the two 7” and the single 8” tiers as shown.

11.    Roll out more fondant and cut ribbon strips wide enough to allow a bit of overhang on the tops of the upper 7” and 8” tiers, approximately 1” in width. Arrange ribbons around the tops of these two tiers. TIP: place the top tier on the top 7” to accurately place this trim, and then remove this tallest tier before proceeding to the next step.

12.    Airbrush the two 7” and the single 8” rounds using Lucks Tangerine Orange Shimmer Airbrush Color (Item #47163).

13.    Carefully stack all tiers as shown.

14.    Extrude or roll fondant rope, approximately 1/8” thick, to border the top and second tiers. Paint with Gold Shimmer.

15.    Finish by applying fantasy flowers to the cake with melted chocolate or royal icing.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz