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Teal Quatrefoil Small Serve

Teal Quatrefoil Small Serve

SIZE: Other (small serve mousse cake) 


1. Make chocolate mousse according to your favorite recipe and let set up in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.

2. Wrap a 3” Poly Collar around 4” pre cut cake or brownie pieces. Cut the excess Poly Collar and attach the end to the outside of the cylinder with a piece of tape. 

3. Using an open coupler, pipe the chocolate mousse into the cylinder until it almost reaches the top of the Poly Collar. 

4. Using your favorite fudge or ganache frosting, carefully fill the rest of the Poly Collar. 

5. Decorate the top with chocolate. 

6. Place the Teal Quatrefoil accents to the top for decoration.  

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

3" x 30" Poly Collar

3" x 30" Poly Collar

Pack/Size: 250/pkg
Unit: PK