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SIZE: Other

SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/Advanced

We’re wild about this pow-wow cake decorated with the Wild Horses Edible Image® design.

1. A couple hours ahead of time, roll five fondant ropes the height of your cake and let them dry.

2. Mix run-in icing in light blue and brown using Blue (Item #10158) and Brown (Item #10159) Liquid Airbrush Colors.

3. Find a typeface you like and print the letters in an appropriate size. Lay plastic wrap over the printed letters and outline them with the brown run-in icing and a #3 tip (Item #11022). Fill the letters in with the light blue icing and a #2 tip (Item #11041). Then, pipe an arrow with the same colors. Allow several hours to dry before attaching them to the cake.

4. With a pastry wheel (Item #7032), cut several large feathers out of rolled fondant. Add texture with the shell tool from the 9 Piece Tool Set (Item #13315). For a more realistic look, add a few cuts along the feather where it might naturally separate. 

5. Airbrush the feathers in a variety of patterns and colors as shown, using Blue (Item #10158), Black (Item #10157), Brown (Item #10159) and Yellow (Item #10167) Liquid Airbrush Colors. Allow several hours drying time before placing the around the cake.

6. Sculpt and ice your cake into the shape of a tee-pee as shown. The narrow top 1/3 of the cake can be sculpted with marshmallow treats.

7. Lay the dried fondant ropes vertically and evenly spaced around the iced cake.

8. To cover your cake, tint fondant a light tan color using a few drops of Buckeye Brown (Item #45289) and Golden Yellow (Item #45286) Liqua-Gel Colors.

9. Roll the fondant out and cut it using a template. Make your pattern by wrapping parchment paper around your un-iced tee-pee cake and marking cut lines. Cutting patterns can also be found on the Internet.

10. Wrap and press the fondant piece around the cake and join with a touch of water.

11. Poke five cake-pop sticks out the top of the cake as shown.

12. Add color to the fondant as shown using Brown (Item #10159), Yellow (Item #10167), and Orange (Item #10164) Liquid Airbrush Colors. At the same time, airbrush the cake-pop sticks.

13. Trim the edges off of the Wild Horses Edible Image® (Item #42581) design and carefully wrap it around the moistened surface of the cake. Tip: only moisten the fondant in the spot that will be covered by the image.

14. Mix light green icing using Green (Item #45274) with a couple drops of Red/Red (Item #45283) Liqua-Gel Colors. Pipe around the base of the cake as shown using green and tip #809.

15. Lay the feathers around the base of the cake as shown, slightly overlapping, and propped up with bits of fondant.

16. Attach the letters and arrow as shown with small moistened balls of fondant.

Decorating Idea by Sandy McNicol