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SIZE: ¼ sheet

Use Cute Butterfly Dec-Ons® decorations as baby diaper pin heads…what a simply fun idea! 

1. Ice the cake.

2. Apply the stripe pattern from the Happy Variety Designer Prints™ decorations to the sides of the cake. TIP: measure the height of your cake in case you need to trim the strips to accommodate size.

3. Mix batches of orange and dark pink icings using Lucks Liquid Airbrush Colors in Orange and Pink.

4. Use a #8 plain round tube with dark pink to pipe a beaded bottom border.

5. Use a #4 plain round tube with orange to pipe the outline of your message.

6. Use a #8 tip to fill in the letters in pink.

7. Use a #4 tip with pink icing to pipe a few scattered pin stems.

8. Mix a little white icing into the pink to create a lighter shade, and then use this new color to pipe a top beaded border with a #8 tip.

9. Finish with a handful of Cute Butterfly Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations added as pinheads.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz