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SIZE: 6” round with cupcakes

1. Mix electric-hued icings in Neon Bright Green Premium Gel Color, Lemon Yellow Premium Gel Color, Sky Blue Premium Gel Color, Neon Bright Purple Premium Gel Color and Princess Pink Premium Gel Color.

2. Ice the large cake with white buttercream frosting.

3. Arrange the I "Heart" Dec-ons® set on top of cake.

4. Ice the cupcakes in a variety of colors and piping styles. (In this example, the purple icing was created using a #827 open star tip, the green icing was created using a #864 open star tip, and the yellow and blue icing were created using a #807 XL piping tip.)
5. Finish cupcakes with your desired Dec-Ons® decorations.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz