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Size: 14” by 3” bottom tier, 8” by 5” second tier, 6” by 3” third tier and 5” by 2 ½” top tier
Skill level: Advanced

1. A day ahead of time, mix a pastillage or fondant with tylose powder and roll out. 

2. Slightly moisten with plain water and apply the birds pattern from the Tattoo Embellishments (Item #46552).

3. Allow to dry a couple hours and then trim away excess.

4. Cut two right triangles (isosceles) and allow all this to dry overnight or until dry enough to stand up.

5. Ice cake and enrobe with a white or an ivory fondant or very, very slightly tinted fondant, being sure to bevel the edges.

6. Color some fondant with Red Red Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45283). 

7. Prepare the Tribal Tattoo Designer Prints™ decorations (Item #46553).

8. For professional results, trim the white ends from the Designer Prints™ using a ribbon insertion tool (Item #11752) or an X-Acto knife.

9. Next, moisten the fondant on your cake where you will be placing the Tribal Tattoo pattern.

10.  Apply the Tattoo Embellishments to the bottom two tiers as shown, and then apply the Designer Prints™ decorations.

11. For the top tier, cut the Designer Prints™ strip to match height of cake.

12.  Use roped red fondant as a bottom border, except on the third tier use Red Shimmer Ribbons™ decorations (Item #46426) as a bottom border.

13. Use the red fondant to make hearts as accents.

14. Assemble the top piece with royal icing, using the triangles as back support, and attach to the top tier. Or, wait until cake set-up at reception to attach the top piece.

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk