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SIZE: 8” three-layer and 6” three-layer round tiers
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/moderate

1. A day ahead, create the ruffled flower. Mix light pink fondant using a scant amount of red gel color and roll out. Cut a 2 ½” disc and allow to dry.

2. The next day, attach 5 small roses evenly around the edge of the dried fondant disc, using white chocolate or royal icing.

3. Roll out more pink fondant, and then cut several 1” wide strips using the fondant ribbon cutter. Frill and bunch the strips, filling in the gaps between royal icing roses around the edge of the disc. TIP: Use a bit of water, gum glue or icing to attach the ruffles.

4. Frill and bunch a final tuft of ruffles and arrange in the center of the disc. Complete the flower by affixing a final small rose in the center.

5. Mix pink icing using a scant amount of red gel color.

6. Ice and assemble the tiers.

7. Apply one Edible Image® embellishment to each tier, as shown.

8. Pipe a triple ruffle border around the bases of each tier, using the #104 tip. 

9. Arrange the full ruffled flower, as well as a scattering of small roses, on the cake, attaching with icing or white chocolate. TIP: Depending on the density of your cake, you may find it useful to insert a few halved toothpicks into the back of the large flower to help support it’s position on the cake.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz