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SIZE: 10” round
Lucks Little Safari Edible Image® makes a wildly adorable baby shower cake when paired with Fashion Zebra Variety Designer Prints™!
1. Ice the cake.
2. Chose the pink pattern from the Fashion Zebra Variety Designer Prints™, and apply it to the sides of the cake while the icing is still moist.
3. Place the Little Safari Edible Image™ on the top of the cake, as shown.
4. Mix a batch of icing using Lucks Sky Blue Liqua-Gel Color, and a couple drops of Violet in a white icing base, to match the blue shades in the Edible Image®. Pipe a blue furry bottom border with a #32 star tip as shown.
5. Mix icing using a couple drops of Lucks Liqua-Gel Color Deep Pink. Pipe a pink inscription with a #5 plain round tube around the Edible Image®.
6. Pipe a few scrolls as shown, around the top of the cake in white icing with a #5 tip. 
7. Finish by adding three Cute Butterfly Assorted Dec-Ons® around the top of the cake.
Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol