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These cupcakes are adorned with Winter Assortment Royal Icing decorations (Item #45615).

1. Mix light blue icing using a few drops of Lucks Sky Blue Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45276) in a white icing base.

2. Using a #12 plain round tube (Item #10988), pipe half of the cupcakes with white icing, the other half with blue; smooth icing on white cupcakes with a 6” small spatula (Item #9577).

3. Airbrush the white cupcakes with Lucks Pearl Shimmer Airbrush Color (Item #43706), the blue with Lucks Blue Shimmer Airbrush Color (Item #43708).

4. Roll the edges of the cupcakes in a mix of blue sprinkles (Item #9742), white sprinkles (Item #9467) and snowflake quins (Item #5830).

5. Finish these adorable cupcakes with the Winter Assortment Royal Icing Decorations (Item #45615).

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk