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SIZE: Other (chocolates)
1. Melt chocolate or candy coating using your preferred method.
2. Working on a clean surface, cut pieces of Winter Zig Zag Transfer Sheet to correspond to the size and shape of the interior of your chocolate mold. Insert transfer sheet pieces into the mold smooth side down.
3. Pour melted chocolate into molds and gently tamp to settle. Let cool and unmold.
4. Pour another round of chocolate into the same molds, this time without transfer sheets. Let cool and unmold.
5. Peel away the acetate backing from the chocolates patterned with transfer sheets. TIP: Wear plastic gloves in order to prevent finger prints and protect chocolate from the warmth of your hands.
6. Carefully fill and stack chocolate wafer sandwiches with your preferred filling, using unpatterned chocolates as the bases.
7. For additional flair, dress the exposed edges of filling with White Grande Pearls.
Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz