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SIZE: 8” round

1. Ice the cake.

2. Apply one Damask Piece Edible Image® decoration, as shown.

3. Apply Icing Décor® shimmer Ribbons around the sides of the bottom of the cake, about ½” above the cake board.

4. Use white icing in a #70 leaf tip to pipe a ruffled bottom border.

5. Attach a few bat pieces from the Halloween Silhouette Assortment to candy sticks, using royal icing or melted white chocolate; set aside.

6. Carefully remove the gumpaste stamen from the poppy flower; replace with a cat face, or any Deluxe Halloween character you wish.

7. Arrange gumpaste flower on the top edge of the cake, and surround with a few bats.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz