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Autumn seasonal essentials include pairing oranges and greens with splashes of rich brown.


SIZE: 10” three-layer, 8” one-layer, 7” three-layer, 6” two-layer and 5” two-layer round tiers

SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/Advanced


1. A day ahead, mix apple green, orange, rose pink and turquoise fondant using Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Neon Brite Green (Item #45293), Neon Brite Orange (Item #45294), Red Red (Item #45283), and Sky Blue (Item #45276) mixed into White Vanilla Fondant (Item #70014).  TIP: Add a scant amount of Buckeye Brown (Item #45289) to each color to enhance the autumnal hues. To create turquoise, mix a bit of Neon Brite Green fondant into the Sky Blue fondant.

2. To create the focal fondant flower, create petal pattern stencils for the green and turquoise petal layers using the Plain Tear Drop Cutter Set (Item #14507) to trace unique shapes as shown. TIP: Save the backing from the Designer Prints™ strips to use as stable, water-resistant stencil material.

3. Create a third, unique stencil for the orange petal component.

4. Roll out green and turquoise fondant; cut petals with an X-Acto knife using the stencils created in the second step, and allow the pieces to dry over a soft curve.

5. Cut orange petals using the corresponding stencil and allow to dry.

6. Adhere the orange and turquoise petals together using gum glue or royal icing and allow to dry. 

7. Adhere the top orange/turquoise petals to the bottom green petals and allow to dry.

8. Hand-roll pink teardrop forms to embellish the orange petals and attach with water or gum glue.

9. Use a filler flower (steps 10-11) as a stamen for the large flower.

10. To create the small fondant filler flowers, first cut larger and smaller Dark Chocolate Fondant (Item #70015) blossoms and allow to dry in a flower former or something similar.

11. Hand-roll teardrop forms to embellish the blossoms, adhering with water or gum glue.

12. Allow all completed flowers to dry overnight.

13. Ice each tier and cover with orange fondant. 

14. Use an X-Acto knife to trim the zigzag pattern from the Woodland Whimsy Variety Designer Prints™ decoration set (Item #48394) as shown.

15. Adhere Designer Prints™ to the 8”, 6” and 5” tiers using clear, potable alcohol in an airbrush. Spray an even coat of alcohol around each tier, and then apply the prints.

16. Carefully assemble the cake, and trim the bottom of each tier with extruded or hand-rolled orange fondant rope.

17. Attach filler flowers with icing.


Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz