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SIZE: 8” round 

This little Chihuahua is at the height of fashion with a fuchsia leopard skin jacket and Safari Zebra Designer Prints® decorations! Click here for tips on customizing your Designer Prints® decorations. 

1. Mix turquoise icing using three parts Blue Liquid Airbrush Color to one part Green, black icing using Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color, a small amount of brown icing using Buckeye Brown Liqua-Gel Color and a small amount of fuchsia icing using Lucks Fucshia Liqua-Gel Color.

2. With a small amount of white fondant, make two dog ears. Airbrush lightly with Brown Liquid Airbrush Color and let dry.

3. Trim three strips of Safari Zebra Designer Prints® decorations on all four edges. Airbrush strips with Blue and Green Airbrush Colors to match the icing. Let dry for no less than 15-20 minutes.

4. Assemble and ice the cake, and then apply Zebra strips.

5. Pipe the body of the Chihuahua in white with a Delrin Coupler with no tip, then add a #5 plain round tube to pipe a tail and two front legs. Airbrush body and tail lightly with Brown Airbrush Color.

6. Mix a small amount of fondant with Fucshia Liqua-Gel Color.

7. Roll out the fuchsia fondant and cut a piece large enough to drape over the body of the dog. Cut a hood and sleeves. Apply all pieces to the body.

8. Pipe the hind legs with the #5 tip, then remove the tip and pipe the head with the coupler. Replace the #5 tip and pipe the nose.

9. Insert the ears into the head, propping up with icing if necessary. Pipe the eyes and nose with brown icing in a #3 plain round tube, then create eyelids with white icing in the #5 tip.

10. Carefully airbrush the hind legs and face with brown airbrush color.

11. Paint leopard skin spots on the jacket with Purple Airbrush Color and a fine, food-grade paintbrush, or draw with the black marker from the FooDoodler Food Decorating Pen set. Airbrush the spots with purple airbrush color.

12. Pipe furry fringe on the hood, sleeves and bottom of the jacket with fuchsia icing in a #18 small star tube.

13. Pipe furry fringe for the top and bottom borders with black icing in a #22 star tube.

14. If desired, finish with a single Bones Dec-Ons® decoration adorned with a small icing or fondant bow, as shown.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz