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SIZE: 1/8 sheet, shaped

This simple purse is made even easier with Designer Prints™ strips!

1. A day ahead, mix at least one pound of black fondant using Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color. TIP: use chocolate fondant if possible, to reduce the ratio of colorant required.

2. Roll out and cut a strip approximately ¾” wide x 15” long and let dry over a curved surface. This will ultimately become the purse strap. Store remaining fondant in an airtight container.

3. This cake is a shaped 1/8 sheet stood on its side. It is easiest to crumb ice and then chill the cake before finishing with another layer of icing.

4. Ice the cake with white icing.

5. Apply two magenta strips from Fashion Zebra Variety Designer Prints™ decorations, starting at the bottom and leaving a ½” gap between, on the front and the back of the cake.

6. Apply one Designer Prints™ strip up each side of the cake. TIP: it is possible to simply trim the strips to fit in situ, since any irregular border created at this time will be covered in fondant.

7. Roll out a piece of white fondant large enough to accommodate one full Designer Prints™ strip, attaching the strip with a fine mist of water.

8. Cut a shaped purse flap from this fondant, shaped as shown, and attach to the top front of the cake.

9. Apply one Black Shimmer Ribbons™ decoration across the front of the cake, bridging the gap between the two parallel Designer Prints™ strips.

10. Cut a black fondant strip with pointed ends, approximately 1 ¾” wide x 7 ½” long, for the top of the purse. Use a stitching tool to add detail, if desired, before application to the cake.

11. Cut four corner base reinforcements from the black fondant; these will look something like the head of a plunger, or a flared skirt. Attach to base corners.

12. Cut two black fondant strips, approximately ½” wide x 6” long, to line the base of the front and back of the cake. Attach these strips between corner reinforcements.

13. Cut four black fondant strips, ¼” wide x 4 ¼” long, to cover the edges where the sides of the cake meet the front and back.

14. Roll a fine rope from black fondant to edge the purse flap, and carefully attach.

15. Use a 1:1 ratio of Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Fuchsia and Red/Red to mix a small batch of fondant.

16. Create a stylized flower for the front of the cake using black fondant and fuchsia fondant and your favorite specialty flower cutters.

17. Accent the flower using White Shimmer Candy Pearls, attached with a dab of moisture or icing.

18. To attach the purse strap, carefully use a knife or small spatula to create a pilot hole on each end of the top of the purse, making sure to space correctly, based on the span of your dried strap. Carefully insert strap into these holes.

Decorating Idea by Charra Jarosz