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SIZE: ¼ sheet
The decorations only look complicated; with Lucks edible line of products, this Fabulous cake takes fabulously little time to finish!
1. Mix Black icing using Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color.

2. Airbrush pink Pastel Dots Fondant DecoShapes fuchsia using Lucks Lavender Liquid Airbrush Color. Let dry to the touch.

3. Ice the cake.

4. Apply one Fabulous Edible Image® decoration to the center top of the cake.

5. Apply Black Shimmer Ribbons™ around the base of the cake. 

6. While still on the backing, cut a slight concavity into either end of one strip of magenta Fashion Zebra Variety Designer Prints™ strip.

7. Apply Fashion Zebra strips to either side of the Edible Image®, concave edge facing toward the top decoration. 

8. Attach DecoShapes™ around the top edge of Shimmer Ribbons™, as shown.

9. Use black icing in a #10 round tip to pipe a beaded bottom border.

10. Use black icing in a #5 round tip to pipe graduated dots in two opposing corners.
Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz