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This cake is an 8”and 6” tiered cake. 

Make red fondant a white Fondant and Lucks Super Red Liqua-Gel Color (item #45284). Roll out and trim into strips. Make 2 loops and allow them to dry on an edge for 24 hours to hold bow shape.

Bake your cakes in beveled pans or trim your layers to get the beveled edges. Ice your cake with a thin coat of buttercream. Enrobe each tier with White Fondant.

Moisten fondant on sides of cake with water by using a brush or airbrush. Trim white end edges from the Safari Zebra Designer Prints™ decorations (item #43580) or the Zebra Designer Prints™ decoration from the Safari Variety Designer Prints™ decorations (item #43704). Apply to cake.  

Finish the cake with strips of red fondant around the bottom of each tier and make your red bow on top.

Decorating Idea by: Kasia Wilk