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Bake or purchase a 12” cookie cake of your choice.

Mix icing colors using Lucks Sunset Orange Liqua-Gel™, Lucks Neon Bright Green Liqua-Gel™ , and Lucks Leaf Green Liqua-Gel™. 

Trim the  Dinosaurs Edible Image® still on the backing paper to the size you want on your cookie cake.

Place the image right-side up in the center of the cookie cake and use a tooth pick to mark the shape of your image into the cookie.

  1. Remove the image and fill the marked space on your cookie with white buttercream icing.  Smooth the icing flat inside of the marked space.
  2. Peel the Dinosaurs Edible Image® Design off the backing paper and place it on the patch of white icing on the cookie. 
  3. Using a round #8 tip, pipe chocolate branches around the edge of the image.
  4. Fill a piping bag with Lucks Neon Bright Green Liqua-Gel™ on one side and Lucks Leaf Green Liqua-Gel™ on the other side, so that when leaves are piped, they are two-toned.  Use a #104 leaf tip to add leaves to the chocolate branches.
  5. Fill a piping bag with Lucks Sunset Orange Liqua-Gel™ icing and pipe a shell border around the outside edge of the cookie using a #22 star tip.