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Zane and I have been working with Lucks products for many years. The variety of products available at such affordable prices means we can make designer cakes at great value. The products are very easy to use and are incredibly popular with our customers. We also use Lucks products for our classes and our students have also fallen in love with Lucks as well. 

Have fun with cake decorating, have fun with Lucks!

Norman Davis, The Sweet Life


We have been a Lucks customer for many years and we love both their products as well as their incredibly good service. Lucks is a company that is excellent at what they do. Their website and catalogs are beautiful and provide endless inspiration for us. They are incredibly generous with creative ideas using their products. We would love to be a fly on the wall in the Lucks creative kitchen!

Nancy Quist, President, Fancy Flours


Lucks is a top notch company that offers quality products and outstanding customer service. I have been working with Julisa on an ongoing basis and she treats me like I am her only customer. What a great feeling! Lucks has made it their practice to always be attentive and get their products to me in a timely manner. 

Margery Javitch, www.itsallsweet.com


We have been using Lucks Dec-ons® decorations for many years to decorate our cupcakes and cakes. Having hundreds of designs to choose from, and now including some licensed characters, we can match our cakes and cupcakes to almost any party theme. Because Dec-Ons® decorations are produced in the US, we have no concerns regarding their quality, plus they taste really good.

Sheri Cahn, Victorian Cake Company & Candyland Cupcakes


Lucks is fabulous. We’ve been doing business with them for over 50 years. Lucks is always very helpful and wonderful.

Greil Mooney, Home Decorating Supply


The items I ordered from you have been wonderful. They are the easiest edible decorations I have ever worked with. I am very pleased and will be placing orders in the future. Thanks again for having great products that make my life easier.

Susie Wilson, Susie's Sweet Sensations


Designer Prints™ make life easier. We charge the same price as a hand decorated cake but save labor.

Armon Toukhlandjian, House of Pastry


I like using Lucks Shimmers, because they are easier than using luster dust. Shimmer saves money and is easy to use, and it gives a higher sheen. I spray practically every one of my buttercream cakes with a shimmer. It makes them look so pretty and evens out the buttercream, making them more fondant looking. Brides love the look. Lucks Shimmer saves time on mixing. I just pull it out and use it. I love it!

Janet Rosebeary, Rosebearys Designs in Baking


I wanted you to know how impressed I was with your product. I used it at a wedding cake seminar I did in New Orleans and everyone loved it. The metallics were truly impressive. I have never used a product that actually was metallic. They were beautiful. I shared the samples you sent me with the tech people who work in that area.

Janie Melton, Technical Counselor, Rich Products Corp.


Every now and again you find a special vendor that goes above and beyond what is expected from a normal business relationship, and Lucks is one of these companies. Every time I order toppings from Lucks they exceed my expectations. The customer service is never disappointing. I would recommend Lucks to any bakery owner over all other toppings companies. Thanks for giving me a wonderful customer experience Lucks!

Lisa Waxman-Johnson, New York Cupcakes