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Discover our rainbow of food color products formulated and mixed by our experts in The Color Room. You'll find edible color solutions for all icing and food types!


Lucks Color Company proudly manufactures DecoPac brand color. All of our food colors are developed and bottled in our Color Room here in Washington state, USA. All products are manufactured in Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified plants and are Orthodox Union Kosher Certified. To learn more, visit our Resource Center for Nutrition Facts and Kosher Certificates.

Lucks Premium Airbrush Color

Available in a range of popular and trend-forward colors, Lucks Liquid Airbrush Colors are specially formulated to be versatile for use with both airbrushing techniques and color mixing. The grit-free colors can be mixed directly into piping gels and all types of icing.

Lucks Shimmer Airbrush Colors

An innovation to the market, Lucks Shimmer Airbrush Colors add a striking metallic sheen to food products. The grit-free formula is designed for use with standard airbrush systems. Try painting with these colors!

DecoPac Premium Gel Colors

For long-lasting, vibrant color add Lucks Premium Gel Colors to all types of icing. The bright food color is more concentrated than liquid colors and can withstand freeze/thaw cycles.

DecoPac Premium Paste Colors

Paste is highly concentrated for a brighter, long-lasting hue used in icing, fondant and dough to achieve uniquely vibrant colors.

DecoPac All Natural Gel Colors

Formulated from all-natural ingredients, these colors achieve bright, trendy hues available in gel. We can also create custom natural colors in other formulas, such as airbrush. Contact us to learn about all our natural options!

DecoPac Premium Candy Colors

Oil-based candy colors are specially formatted for chocolate and other candies, quality-tested to add the most vibrant color.

DecoPac Trend Colors

Developed based on future consumer insights and market trends, a unique selection of trend colors are available each year so you can acheive the most in-demand desserts.