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Achieve beautiful desserts with Lucks Food Decorating Company's extensive product offering. Learn more about the various edible decorations available to you.


Lucks Food Decorating Company manufactures all our products in Washington state, USA. All products are manufactured in Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified plants and are Orthodox Union Kosher Certified. To learn more, visit our Resource Center for Nutrition Facts and Kosher Certificates.

Edible Image® Designs

Apply these flat-printed edible designs to many food items, such as cakes and cookies. The edible paper consists primarily of starches and sugars, which are pre-printed with specialized food colors that retain color clarity and resist color bleeding. Edible Image® decorations absorb moisture from the food product and become soft, melding in with the food item to cut easily with each slice!

Print-Ons® Sheets

The gold standard for at-home edible printing, these blank media sheets are specially formulated to produce the highest quality photographs and graphics while using less ink. Unlike other products in the market, the fine texture and consistency of Print-Ons® sheets allow them to meld into the food product they are applied to, and cut with ease.

Dec-Ons® Decorations

Made primarily from finely granulated sugar, these decorations are molded into various shapes and hand-painted with edible food colors. They are freeze-thaw stable and can even be baked onto food items such as cookies! These cuties are easily applied to all kinds of desserts with a dab of icing.

Sugar Charms® Decorations

The retail brand name for Dec-Ons® decorations, Sugar Charms® are available at select retailers. These sugar shapes are packaged in convenient retail packaging for the at-home baker to grab, go and decorate at home. Fun and easy to apply to all types of desserts, just attach these perfect finishing touches with a dab of icing.

Designer Prints® Designs

Decorate the sides of cakes with Designer Prints® designs! This format of the starch and sugar Edible Image® paper is pre-cut in strips, so easily smooth onto iced desserts like edible wallpaper. Flat-printed with stable food colors, the designs are resistant to fading and freeze/thaw stable.

Sweet Shapes® Fondant

Achieve the upscale look of fondant in less decorating time with Sweet Shapes® fondant. Pre-cut and etched shapes are easily peeled from the fondant sheet and adhered to cakes, cupcakes and other desserts. Sweet Shapes® fondant are freeze/thaw stable.

Royal Icing Roses

Royal Icing Roses are handmade in the USA from smooth royal icing and are available in pastel colors as well as rich shades. The firm royal icing holds its shape for consistent, professional flowers that are easily applied to cakes, cupcakes and other treats. These classic roses can be airbrushed to create custom colors.

Royal Icing Decorations

These hand-piped decorations can be applied to cupcakes, candies, chocolates and other confectionary products. This exclusive product line is manufactured for Lucks.

Transfer Sheets

Transfer beautiful designs onto milk, dark, white and coating chocolates. Images and patterns are printed onto acetate sheets using color only. Unlike other products in the market, Cocoa butter is not used in Lucks transfer sheets. This extends the shelf life and makes them easy to ship, store and handle. Transfer Sheets are currently only available as custom products. Contact Us!

Additional Products and Supplies

Find all your decorating needs in one stop, from russian piping tips to cake boards. Lucks sources a large selection of popular decorating items and supplies to make your shopping trip easier. We focus on providing items that align with decorators’ needs and that are found in the top trends.