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Rick Ellison 

Rick Ellison

Rick Ellison is president of Lucks Food Decorating Company.  As president, he leads the strategic direction of the company and the senior management team.  Rick was appointed to president in 2006.  Prior to his role as president, Rick served as the Sr. Vice President, Customer Relations from 2003-2006.  His vast experience at Lucks Food Decorating Company also includes Vice President Sales from 1999-2003, National Sales Manager 1994-1999, and Regional Sales Manager 1992-1994. In addition, Rick worked for Lucks’ Bakery Supply Company as a Key Account Manager and Technical Support from 1990-1992 and Route Sales Representative from 1988-1990.

Rick is a second generation professional baker with experience managing all aspects of full line retail and production bakeries.  He is also a member of National Association of Flour Distributors.

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