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Gold Wood Grain Edible Image® Designer Prints

Gold Wood Grain Edible Image® Designer Prints

Item Code: 48651

Pack/Size: 36 pack 2 1/4" x 10"

Unit: BX

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Think, edible wallpaper... If you want to add graphic detail to the sides of your cake without painstaking decorating time, then Designer Prints® strips are your ticket! This format of the starch and sugar Edible Image® paper comes in strips or full sheets, ready to peel and smooth over your freshly iced cake. Try applying them to fondant and cut into any shape desired (great for cookies!) or even apply to wafer paper for crafting unique patterned flowers. And don't let them get in the way of your kitchen processes - the stable colors won't bleed or fade, and they withstand the freeze/thaw process! Orthodox Union Kosher Certified, manufactured in the USA.